The Atlantic Root Symbiosis Lab investigates plant-fungal relationships in undisturbed and managed ecosystems. This includes mycorrhizal symbioses, fungal endophytes and yeasts. 

Lab News

April 17, 2023

Amanda Griffin wins Luella K. Weresub Award (Canadian Botanical Association) for the best student publication in mycology in a previous year. Griffin, A., Kernaghan, G. 2022. Ericoid mycorrhizal colonization and associated fungal communities along a wetland gradient in the Acadian forest of Eastern Canada. Fungal Ecology 56.

June 15, 2022

Article published featuring summer intern Yaseen Ginnab

May 5th, 2022

Congratulations to Bruce Malloch, Dr. Kernaghan and Dr. Allison Walker for the publication of their paper Temporal diversity patterns for fungi and mites associated with decaying Sporobolus pumilus (Spartina patens) in the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia in the journal Facets.